What does "like a lady mean?"

It means whatever you want it to mean!  As women, we are pigeon-holed constantly to be a million different contradictory things. At the end of the day, you are a woman there for you are a lady. Whatever you chose to do, be it lift, run, paint, dance, scream, or be a badass, you are going to do it like a lady (because you are one :)). 


Hi There

I’m Sam,

Through my journey, according to others I have been too fat and too skinny. When I started lifting was told I was going to get too muscular and too manly. For awhile it bothered me… then I realized, I’m a women.

As women, whether we are lean and muscled, small, big, round, straight… We will be ladies. Whether you choose to lift, run, bike, sing, swim, dance, wrestle, kickbox you will do it like a lady.

No matter what we as women choose to do, we own it and will do it unapologetically like a lady (whatever that means to YOU).


B.A. in Education, M.S. Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition 2018, ACE Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Fitness Head Coach, ACE Sports Nutrition Specialist, blah de blah.

I have struggled my whole life with weight and food. I was never extremely overweight but I felt like I was. My friends were smaller than me, ate what they wanted, and stayed skin and bone. Me… not so much. My junior year of high school, I developed some bad habits which turned into a 5 year stint of eating disorders, exercise addiction, depression, and disordered eating.

I came out the other side when I started weight lifting and focused on eating for strength and health. My recovery has been a battle and my body, and mind, have suffered the consequences of years of abuse. I cannot take back the damage I’ve done, so I want use my experiences to help other women.

I want to help women avoid my mistakes and learn to live balanced, healthy lives, without going to extremes. I want to help empower women to walk into a gym with confidence and know they belong. I want to help women improve their health and appearance while loving themselves throughout every step of the process

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